350g Refill Pouch

Three Crowns milk is filled milk (made from vegetable fat) with unique attributes of low cholesterol, pleasant taste and contains the essential vitamins & minerals. The brand is committed to providing healthy nutrition for families.

Three Crowns milk is Nigeria’s leading No 1 Low cholesterol milk and is endorsed by the Nigerian heart foundation (NHF)


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Skimmed Milk, Vegetable Fat, Lecithin, Sycrose, Vitamins A, D3, E , K1

Nutritional Facts

Average Nutritional Facts per 100 mg %RDA
Energy 2177kj / 520kcal  
Protein 23.5g  
Carbohydrate 39.8g  
     Of which lactose is 37.8g  
Vegetable Fat 28g  
     Of which saturated fat is 14.7g  
     Of which cholesterol is 0.015g  
Vitamin B2 .93mg  
Sodium 261mg  
Iron 0.17mg  
Iodine 88µg  
Zinc 2.85mg  
Selenium 11µg  
Folic Acid 20µg