10 Fashion Must Haves for the Raining season


We are still battling to understand the seasons with climate change but after seeing it rain a couple of times, it is best to be prepared.

Put your fashionable feet forward with these must haves.

1. Umbrella

Except you are going for a wet look, an umbrella should always be in your bag. You don’t know when the weather might change. Opt for small and trendy umbrellas instead of the granny ones we end up forgetting everywhere.

2. Waterproof bag

Don’t give the rain an excuse to mess up your day. Protect your expensive bags and your documents too. 

3. Hair Dryer 

You know what they say about black girls and water. Don’t be caught looking frizzy. If you have been in the rain, dry up properly and don’t forget your hair. 

Now another hair necessity for this season: hair protectors. Just in-case you get water in your hair, hair protectors help to smoothen it out. Get an anti-frizz serum, hair spray and setting spray too.

4. Waterproof makeup

Choose the waterproof variety especially when it comes to your mascara and eyeliner.

5. Dark Fashion

I love the weather when it rains but I hate how messy everywhere gets. Warning: This is not the season to rock your white palazzo pants or that baby pink floor length skirt. Stick to dark colours and shorter cuts.

6. Rain Friendly Shoes

Suede is a No-No, but you already knew that. Think on those Vivienne Westwood rubber shoes (before we were flooded with fakes). Alternatively go for stylish and fashionable rubber flats and footies. 

7. Stylish hat or cap

Head wears are great not only for keeping one’s head from getting wet but also for hiding frizzy, unruly hair.

8. Cover Up Beautifully

Cardigans, sweaters, jackets, shawls, ponchos. The world is your runway, give them a show. 

9. Skin Care on Fleek

The heat was your excuse not to moisturize, now you have the cool weather. Practice all the skin care tips you have been skipping out on.

10. Power bank

I am sorry I had to go there. Since time memorial, rain comes with power outage. Get your power banks to have your devices switched on at all times so you don’t miss out on that special phone call and updates from us.

Love and Light