Getting a pedicure at the spa can be expensive and we want to pamper our feet. We want beautiful, soft feet. Beautiful skin, healthy hair, toned body, make up, all these are incomplete without a beautiful feet.

To have soft, beautiful feet with silky skin, you don’t need those expensive foot scrubs that you see in departmental stores and spas! You can go for DIY foot scrubs and soaks that will cost you pennies only since store bought scrubs costs more.

Oily skin is golden, but it can be a problem as well. Although the oil on our skin helps protect it and fight signs of aging, many people suffer from an excess of oil. Oily skin can affect people of all ages and cause blemishes, pimples, and other problems.

Oily skin is caused by over-active glands that produce too much sebum. In the right amounts, natural oils keep the skin looking healthy and youthful, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Just like cornrows, Bantu knots are a cute, flirty style traditionally sported by African woman of certain cultural group and some women of African descent but these knots work well with just about all hair types.

Bantu knots are not actually knots, they are small, coiled buns secured against the side of the head. Regardless, if you uncoil your Bantu knots after you've sported them, you can create a second, curly hairstyle known as a Bantu knot-out.

Everyone loves smoothie, right? Who doesn't love a combo of creamy yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit, natural sweeteners, plus delicious and nutritious super foods?       

Smoothies are a great way for you to get all of your most nutritionally-packed foods into one glass, but it can also work for your kids.

Off- the- shoulder styles are in trend this season. The off-the-shoulder design can be found in tops or in dresses, making it endlessly versatile and extremely popular.This beautiful design is suddenly everywhere from formal to casual wears and even as Aso ebi. Yes, wedding guests now sew off- the- shoulder with their Ankara, lace, satin, silk and other aso ebi materials.

Rice is a staple food in many regions, especially Asian countries like China and Japan. Due to its easy availability in these countries, Asian women have made it a part of their diet as well as beauty regimen.

Rice water is loaded with nutrients that can be beneficial for your skin and hair. Rice contains vitamins B, C and E as well as minerals and eight essential amino acids that promote overall health and beauty. You can use rice water every day as part of your cleansing skin care routine, morning or evening.

The ripped jeans trend is back from the 90s and are definitely hotter than ever. I bet every woman has at least a pair of ripped jeans in her closet. These trendy ripped jeans come in a variety of styles - from the sexy skinny jeans to cool and casual boyfriend jeans with a cropped hem.

Chic outfits can be created with ripped jeans by cross-mixing with other styles such as a feminine blouse for a girly and tough look, American Apparel tee for a casual and basic look, button down shirt for a classy mix, plaid shirt for a trendy look, and the list goes on.

Looking years younger than your age no longer means a visit to the plastic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery may have its place, but there are cheap and effective things you can start doing today that will make you look years younger in a relatively short period.

What To Do To Look Younger


Expectant mums know certain foods should be avoided during pregnancy to protect the health of their unborn baby. The list of foods to avoid by      pregnant mums, however, has become so much and so controversial that it's difficult to know which foods pose a health risk and which ones are safe for consumption.

Avoid These Foods

Foods to avoid


Ever heard of detoxifying the body with juices and herbs? Do you find it weird or funny when your friend mixes different juices every morning and you don't bother to ask why? You keep wondering why her skin looks much better than yours even when you spend more on skin care products. The secret is detoxing!

Detoxing with juices is one of the simplest and most beneficial ways of cleansing the body of toxins and feeding it the nutrients it craves.