Whether you call them box braids, jumbo braids, or even Poetic Justice braids, this trendy hairstyle is one you should rock. Not only are box braids a fun hairstyle that gives a fun look, but they’re also a great style for girls trying to protect their hair during the cold winter months.

Women like box braids because they offer an excellent opportunity to extend the hair and wear versatile hairstyles which look exquisite yet are very simple to do. 

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is the healthiest fat on earth. It is packed with anti-aging antioxidants; making it superb for the hair, skin, and nails as well as for general well-being. Here are a few benefits of Olive oil:

olive oil

The postpartum period is an emotional time in a woman's life.

With the joy of a new baby and personal physical and hormonal changes, it can be very challenging for mothers to have enough time during the day to take care of themselves while caring for their new baby.

However, new moms should know that it is important to devote some precious moments to their health and well-being and reconnect with their own mind and body.

Pilates offers a safe, effective and progressive means of reforming your body's strength in just a matter of minutes.

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We have probably been through a bad breakup at least once and some maybe twice or more. I know I wish I knew some of these things when I needed them, so I am here to help out with a few tips to getting your life back after a bad breakup.
1.Talk about it
Don’t bottle all your emotions, talk to a friend or family about your feelings and emotions.

Every woman loves to get compliments like "you look younger than your age" "you have beautiful skin". That's why you see women doing everything possible to have flawless skin and a trim figure.

Eating the right foods can do more than just lead to weight loss. It can turn back the hands of time, as well.

If seeking eternal youthful looks is on your to-do list, try adding these recommended foods to your daily diet plan.

Anti-Ageing Foods for Youthful Skin

Bigger boobs, anyone? Most women want bigger boobs. Unfortunately, surgical procedures are expensive and could be risky. But there is some good news; here are safe and effective ways to increase your breast size naturally.

bigger breast

Are you looking for some yummy milkshake recipes to please your child? Or does your child create a fuss while eating fruits? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are on the right page!

Milkshakes are a must-have for kids- as they are wholesome and full of vital nutrients.

Kids love milkshakes. You will likely never see any kid refusing a glass of milkshake.

You can add different fruits to the milkshake to pamper your child's taste buds in a healthy way

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Living a sedentary lifestyle is bad for the health. It has a direct, negative effect on our health and wellness. It is the reason why we are seemingly always tired, always stressed and always struggled to lose weight as a society.

There are a lot of physical activities you can engage in other to keep fit and have a healthy body.

You want to lose weight; you want a toned body, and you want to be healthy overall. Dancing is a kind of exercise you can engage in.

Why Dancing Should Be Incorporated Into Your Lifestyle

Cocoa butter

Cocoa butter is also called Theobroma oil, and it is a pale-yellow, edible vegetable fat extracted from the Cocoa Bean. Cocoa butter is used to make chocolate, ointment and moisturisers. Here are a few benefits of Cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter

Skin and Beauty Benefits

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Hair steaming simply means using moist heat to hydrate dry, dull hair. It also encourages blood flow to circulate which promotes the growth of your hair.

The steam will lift the hair cuticle, thereby allowing treatments to penetrate deep into the hair shaft.

Steaming also allows moisture to penetrate thereby promoting longer and healthier hair growth.

When your hair is dry, it becomes brittle and then it eventually breaks.

Hair steaming helps increase the natural oils produced in your scalp.

Benefits Of Hair Steaming