Are you desperately looking for tips to make your lipstick last longer?

It is very annoying when your beautiful lip colour disappears before you have barely stepped out of your house.

So what can you do to maintain a sharp look?

Tips to make your lipstick last longer

lipstick last longer

You have probably experienced that moment when your compact falls and the powder breaks, or you just open your makeup bag one morning to find your compact blush has broken into many pieces. I know that feeling!

Are you thinking about throwing it away? Well, you do not have to worry anymore; here is a corrective surgery (lol) for your compact makeup.

Items needed

  1. Broken powder makeup
  2. Rubbing alcohol
  3. Piece of paper


Stretchmark? AARRGGHHH! I know the feeling of waking up one morning and noticing stretch marks on your once smooth skin during pregnancy. It is sometimes inevitable for most pregnant women, but some lucky ones seem to escape it. If you were not so lucky and have stretch marks or have the tendency to have stretch marks, then this is for you.

This stretch mark cream is amazingly useful; you should try it, after all, there’s no harm in trying since it does not contain harsh chemicals and you probably already use one or more of the ingredients in your home.

Having issues caring for your hair? Not to worry, we are here to help. These tips are not only useful for ‘Naturalistas’, but they are also helpful tips for everyone who grows their hair.

Caring For Your Natural Hair

Lady with natural hair

Are you worried about the signs of ageing your skin is beginning to show? Has your skin lost its glow, youthfulness and suppleness?

Don't worry; you can take care of this without spending money on cosmetic surgery.

Asides ageing, your skin can lose its elasticity because of excessive exposure to harmful sun rays, excessive smoking, regular intake of alcoholic beverages, obesity, pregnancy, rapid weight loss, a poor diet, use of wrong skin care products, dehydration and use of harsh chemicals on the skin.

Sex is important, but a lot of times we shy away from discussing it. Today we are discussing tips on boosting your confidence in the bedroom or wherever.

Black couple together

Ways To Boost Your Sexual Confidence

1. Relax

While you may get all of the vitamins and minerals your body need from careful food selection and a nutrient-dense diet, research shows that many women still experience at least one type of nutrient deficiency, if not more.

It’s been reported that around 30 percent of all women are deficient in one or more of these vitamins and minerals, and for many women, the risk only increases with age.

We all want responsible children, but responsible children are not born that way. They are responsible because someone (most likely the parents) instilled a sense of responsibility in them. So, as parents, we can also raise our children to be responsible. Here are some tips to doing that.

responsible Children

1. Start young

Body odour could be embarrassing and is most times as a result of improper hygiene. Here are a few tips to help you avoid body odour.

lady irritated by body odour

Tips To Avoid Body Odour

1. Drink lots of water

Drinking plenty of water will help wash out toxins in the body. The average adult woman needs 2.2 litres of water per day, so drink more water.

Child's birthday

I have had the chance to plan a few birthday parties, and in a matter of weeks, I will be planning my child’s first birthday party (I cannot believe it’s a year already!). While I was thinking of ideas, I realized it isn’t as easy as it seems planning a birthday especially if you are trying to work with a small budget. So I have compiled a few tips to help you plan an awesome birthday party.

1. Set a budget and stick to it