Are you unhappy with the results you are getting (or not getting)? Or you're beginning to feel like all the hard work in the gym isn't paying off? Then you may be making some classic exercise mistakes.

Below are the five key exercise mistakes women are making, even fit women.

Exercise Mistakes You May Be Making

Yes, you’ve been working out for a while now, but you may not be achieving desired results. The truth is you may not be doing the right thing.

It’s all about super amazing Beetroot today - another superfood nature has blessed us with! Unfortunately, this bossy vegetable as it’s often referred to is known more for its juice’s overpowering purplish-red/pink hue than for the incredible numerous nutritional and health benefits in it.

For some reasons, people want to add some extra pounds. And sometimes when I think of the intense effort they put into this pursuit of weight gain while many others (like me) are trying so hard to shed it off, I get simply awed. A classic example of the saying - one man's meat is another man's poison, right?

Cauliflower – the vegetable of the moment. Isn’t that what this awesome cruciferous veggie is called? I honestly can’t agree more!

I’ve heard quite some people complain about the taste of this super veg. To me, it tastes more or less like cabbage (a co-member of the cruciferous family).  Fair enough I guess, considering its numerous nutritional values and health benefits. However, quite pleasurable is the fact that cauliflower can take on several flavors based on what you’re cooking it with. This gives that touch of flexibility; making it anything but boring.

Sometimes I get so busy with work, and in the midst of all the activities, I leave quite a lot of clutter around me. Coupled with my daughter’s messy pile of toys and clothes, searching for missing items in the midst of all the mess can be an almost impossible feat. I remember almost pulling my hair out one time while searching for my bunch of keys. Just to make it on time for my meeting, I had to leave the search at a point. Eventually, I found the keys on my return. Ever since I made up my mind to always keep my spaces clean and less cluttered.

Do you suddenly have the urge to pee and can't seem to control it? Does an unexpected sneeze or a cough, or sometimes the simple act of laughing cause a leak in your panties? How often do you experience urinary loss? Do you lose urine sometimes before you can make it to the bathroom?

Do you know that as early two-years-old, your little toddler can become quite handy around the house? Yes, she can! But we often overlook the capability of these young ones and sternly refuse them engaging in some chores. I was guilty of this.

Get ready to enjoy a sweet start to your day with this easy, yummy French toast recipe. Nothing beats the satisfaction of a delicious filling breakfast (especially) on a busy morning. Well, with some warm French toast, you're sure covered!

White soup

Known to the Ibos as ofe nsala, and to the Efiks as afia efere, white soup is a very tasty Nigerian soup that's common in many homes. I remember my first taste of white soup way back during my Youth Corper days. We were contemplating what delicacy to make for the food competition to be held during the bonfire night. As my fellow Platoon members clamoured for ofe nsala, I wondered to myself what kind of soup it was.

Running around, playing outside, going out on fun trips seem to be those very things that keep kids going; they sure love it. But sometimes, probably for the reason of weather or any other, you can't give them that luxury of outdoor fun. Trust me, staying indoors can make kids really restless; being around them in this state can be quite a nightmare.

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