Berries smoothies

When you are trying to lose weight, you should add fruit smoothies to your diet because you've heard or read that smoothies aid in weight loss.

Smoothies do help you loose weight especially when taken on an empty stomach. It helps detoxify the body, burn excess fat, and even gives you radiant skin.

However, your smoothie may actually be making you add pounds without you knowing it. Smoothies can make you gain weight if you are making individual mistakes while preparing them.

Considered neither as fish nor meat, snails has always been seen as the ideal food to be consumed during Lent. But beyond that, there are quite a lot more reasons to eat snails. High in protein and other essential nutrients, Escargots as they are called in European cuisine, are a delicacy and an integral part of their cooking.

I recently came across a very interesting meal. A true Spainish delight, that's what Pan con Tomate is. Also known as Pa amb tomaquèt, this is a basic staple meal not only for the Catalans (where it originated from), but all over Spain. Talking of cuisines, the Spainards sure have a way with foods. Their unique cooking and food selection is an integral part of their rich history; visiting Spain and not indulging in their foods is almost a sin.

Hello Mom,

Pushed to your breaking point and you just couldn't help but spank your kid? Trust me, we've all been there. But do you know what hitting your child does? It drives home the wrong message in more ways than one. Yes, you read me right!

At one point or the other in our daily busy lives, we all need a break.

Mothers are no exception; though considered unneccessary by many and often shrugged off with a laugh, taking some time away from the busy world of parenting and home keeping to relax and recharge is a worthy investment.

The word tikka in India simply means chunks or pieces. Chicken tikka is a classic speciality from the famous Indian cuisines and rustling it up is as easy as A, B, C. Similar to kebobs/kebabs, tikka are super-yummy, versatile, good to the eyes (colourful) and certainly, easy to make. All of these make them kid-friendly too!

One significant way of staying alert and on top of your game with your breast health, is to know the normal look and feel of your breast. This way, you will notice any change or know what to look out for.

Hello, let's talk some spice!

Milestones are worth celebrating. The sheer joy that filled my heart as my little one started walking. Watching your infant grow is an unexplainable delightful experience; I must say. It's the same way for all mothers, right?

Growth rate does vary because every child develops at his or her pace. However, it’s worthy to note that you can jumpstart your toddler’s developmental progress. Thinking how? Do you know that a toddler's brain has twice as many neural connections as an adult's?

Ever pleasing, mouth-watering, never disappointing kilishi; always on point! As much as I try to keep my consumption of beef to the barest minimum, I never seem to get enough of kilishi. Made by sun drying freshly cut well seasoned thin sheets of meat, this yummy jerky delight is a real blessing from the North.