Brimming with vitamins and minerals, sweet potatoes are very versatile and considered to be one of the oldest consumable vegetables in the world. They are affordable and readily available. Although sweet potatoes are real sweet - just as their name imply - their health benefits positively outweighs the sugar in them! A meal of sweet potatoes will satisfy your sweet tooth cravings without increasing your waistline or derail your healthy diet efforts.

Breakfast on the go - that's what smoothies are! A glass of smoothie is agreeably a healthy, quick and easy approach to start your day right. Nothing beats a smoothie that's not just power-packed with healthful nutrients but also tastes great.

Looking for long lasting energy to carry you throughout your morning activities without craving for a mid-morning snack? Then this Peanut butter Banana Oatmeal Smoothie is a must try for you! 

Who says healthy eating can’t be enjoyable? 
Try a super tasty nutritious smoothie, then you’ll agree that healthy food can be a real juicy treat. Smoothies are easy to make and a perfect way to enjoy fruits and veggies. Morning, noon or night, throw together any combination of fruits and vegetables and you’re assured of a great healthy drink/meal in minutes. 

Before we get started on today’s recipe let’s see some more ways of making smoothies taste better:

Today’s recipe is a healthy twist to the popular tropical Pina Colada, Puerto Rico’s national drink since 1978. In making this cocktail, fresh fruits will be substituted for store bought canned/packed juices. 

Don’t we all love cocktails? Who doesn’t? Cocktails are refreshing delights to unwind after a busy day, or probably add flavour to a happy celebration. However, how much of these cocktails can be enjoyed when on a low-calorie diet? Let’s find out.

Lady running

Who doesn’t need as much endurance as possible in a fast-paced society like our Naija? I bet you do! Often referred to as stamina, endurance is certainly a crucial element if you must be happy and productive. 

Regardless of your age, weight, level of daily physical activities and love for sports, the relevance of staying-power can’t be overlooked. Whether planning to take part in the next cross-country marathon or trying to battle through your daily busy schedule, improving your energy and strength to remain sustained should be a priority if you’re determined to succeed.

Popularly referred to as diet pills/ diet supplements/ anti-obesity pills, slimming pills are often promoted as a fast approach to weight loss. And in a bid to significantly drop some dress sizes rapidly, many turn to these seemingly miracle weight-loss drugs. Some work, some don’t but the question is - how safe are these wonder pills?

bum shorts or pair of jeans! It’s time to dazzle girl.


Low Cholesterol

Sticking to a low fat / low cholesterol diet is a sure track to healthy living. But making healthy food choices can sometimes look very boring and deterring.  However, if you must lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, cutting back on calories and your cholesterol intake is of utmost importance. 

Naija styled bean pudding popularly called moimoi is an authentic delectable way to enjoy nutritious protein-packed beans. Loved by all, moimoi is simply irresistible if cooked right. I remember how much I disliked cooked beans as child. But with moimoi overflowing with lots of goodies (orishirishi) in it, my plate gets all cleared.

It’s common for couples sex life to experience dry spells in their relationships over time.

Sex is like a conversation. The more connection you have with your man in the bedroom, the happier and more intimate your relationship becomes.