5 Hair Products You Must Have

Hair products

Your skin shouldn't get all the love and pampering; your hair is important too.

Taking good care of your hair is essential. And having your hair essentials is very good too.

You may not have time to see your stylist, and you may even prepare to work on your hair yourself.

Here are the hair care products and tools most women should have on hand.

Hair Brushes

The higher quality your hairbrush, the healthier your hair.

Don't fret about spending money on a good brush because they're worth it and last a lot longer than a cheap one; plus, they would do your hair better.

The Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type

Shampoos work by cleansing your hair of dirt and oil.

It's important to buy shampoo formulated for your hair type.

A Curling Iron and Flat Iron

It's good to have these on hand if you want to change up your look.

They both work on all hair types. Curling irons will add volume to flat hair and structure to wavy hair.

Flat irons help tame curls and flatten straight hair even more so it falls like a sheet. Always use a flat iron with ceramic plates, it is much safer on hair.

An Ionic Blow Dryer

Get a good blow dryer. The more powerful your dryer, the better.

A strong, ionic blow dryer, will speed drying time which reduces your hair's exposure to damaging heat. If you have thick hair, you'll want a dryer with at least 1,875 watts.

If you have finer hair than most people, make do with 1,500 watts.


It is important to condition your hair after every shampoo.

Hair pros will tell you conditioner can help repair heat- and chemical-damaged hair. The truth is conditioners protect your hair from these things.

If you want to spend less time brushing out long wet hair, condition the ends. Your comb will zip right through your hair.