5 Minute Moves For Firm Thighs

Love to rock those comfy shorts? Love to have strong sexy thighs? Nothing definitely beats the feeling of being able to show them off in striking outfits.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the attraction lovely legs command is quite irresistible. But sometimes, thighs can become so wobbly with the slightest accumulation of fat - a real trouble zone I would say. However, with these 5 minute lower body /upper legs workout compilation, you’re set on your way to flaunting fabulously toned thighs.

1. Ball Squat

Squats are great for toning inner thighs and in using a ball in this move, you’re sure to fight thigh flabs.

Direction: Using an exercise ball as back rest against the wall (ball should be between the wall and the curve of your lower back), stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, lower knees in a bend position about 5 - 10 inches from the ground. Ensure to keep shoulders level and your hips square. Stay in position for 5 seconds and then straighten up. Do about 10 sets of 5 reps taking at least a 30 sec rest between each set.

2. Plie Squat with Leg Sweep

A ballet move to trim your inner/outer thighs and strengthen your upper body.

Method: Standing with your legs 2 to 3 feet wide, hands on hips and toes pointing out. Keep torso tall and bend your knees into a lower plie squat. Thighs should be almost parallel when legs are bent. Remain in position for about 5 counts. Still keeping your spine straight, stand up and push off your right leg sweeping it across your left leg, and gently tap your toe in front of your left foot in one fluid move. Switch legs, and sweep your right leg back out as move into lower plie position. Repeat sweep. That’s a set. Do at least a repeat of 5 sets.

3. Gate Swing with Cross

This move combines cardio and strength training in burning off fats in thighs.

Method: Stand with feet wider than shoulder in a shoulder-width apart position, with toes pointing out, and then squat down. Jump up crossing your left foot in front of the right. Jump again with feet wide, squat down, and then jump one more time crossing the right foot now in front of the left. Continue reps for at least 30 seconds for impact.

4. Single Leg Circle

This is a yoga move that’s great in strengthening your hips, trimming love handles while also toning your inner and outer thighs.

Method: Lie flat on the floor/mat with hands by your sides and palms faced down. Lift your right foot up as if you're trying to reaching out to the ceiling. Rotate your leg in an outward directly by slowly using the raised leg to trace out a circle on the ceiling. Still keeping hips steady and on the floor, repeat the circular motion in a clockwise direction five times and then do a repeat but in a counter-clockwise direction. Switch legs and repeat at least 5 times.

That’s it, go ahead and try your hands on these easy to do less than 5 minute moves at home...the rewards are simply stunning!