5 Surefire Ways to Care for Oily Skin

Have you ever been so carried away with a lady whose skin was so flawless and attractive? If you have, then you may agree that having really great skin is awesome. It is no wonder that one has to first of all determine the type of skin type they have.

There are different skin types: the oily skin, dry skin, as well as the combination skin type. Many ladies who have oily skin complain about how hard it is to maintain with all that makeup and dirt from moving around all day.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your skin nice and smooth.

1. Wash Your Face Twice Daily

You could actually do your skin more harm than good when you wash your face more often? As a matter of fact it can strip your skin of all the natural moisturizers and increase oil production. Which is why the only time you should wash your face is twice a day with warm water- in the morning as you take a bath and last thing at night.

2. Eat Less Fatty Food and More Vegetables and Fruits

If you love to eat foods with lots of fat, then you just might be doing more harm than good. You’ve got to eat more vegetables and fruits.

3. Cleanse Properly Before Applying Make-up

You should clean your skin well before you put make-up on. This is because washing before applying make-up does not just work as a protective layer, but also helps as a base to ensure that your makeup lasts longer. If you don’t do this, your pores might clog and then you’ll have a nasty acne breakout.

4. Avoid Products that Make your Skin Itch or Burn

Avoid the following ingredients in products that you use; menthol, mint, eucalyptus, lemon, as well as alcohol.  You may want to think that alcohol for instance helps the skin, but the truth is some irritation might occur which is bad for skin.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation is one of the most vital steps that you have to take when caring for your oily skin. This is because oily skin has an extra-thick layer of built-up dead skin cells on the surface, along with a thickened pore lining. As such, exfoliating is the best way to remove that build up, and diminish clogged pores, as it makes the skin feel smoother. You may consider products that are organic and contain salicylic acid, amongst others.

There you have it ladies. It really pays to pay adequate attention to your oily skin. And when you do, who knows you just might be the one admired for the flawless skin.