7 Beauty Hacks To Try

1.Do you want your makeup to last all day?
Then use of Milk of Magnesia as a primer. Apply on your face after your moisturizer, wait a few minutes to dry, blend out and then apply your foundation. Your makeup will sure last all day.

2. Makeup remover
Do you have that beautiful matte lipstick or smudge-proof liner that you can’t seem to get off your face when you clean up your makeup? Well, here’s a tried and trusted solution; massage olive oil or coconut oil onto your lip or lid and watch the makeup come off.

goya olive oil

3.Exfoliate your lips
Exfoliate at home with a toothbrush and Vaseline. Apply Vaseline on your lips and scrub with a toothbrush

4.Line and curl at the same time
Kill two birds with one stone with this quick tip. Draw eyeliner on the edge of your eyelash curler and curl your lashes, when you are done curling your lash your eyelid will be lined as well

5.Add Volume to your lashes
For long, fuller lashes; apply a coat of mascara, coat your lashes with baby powder and apply a second coat of mascara. You will notice longer, fuller lashes.

6.Make your perfume last all day
Spritz your perfume on your hot spots; your hair, behind your ears, down your back, inside your elbows, behind your knees and your belly button. An extra tip just for you, be sure to moisturize your body before spraying your perfume as this will help the scent last even longer.

7.No cuticle oil? No problem
Are you doing a DIY manicure and you don’t have oil for your cuticles? Rub Shea butter or coconut oil onto your cuticles; it works as well