My childhood friend came to Lagos from the U.S for the holidays with her entire family and we were comparing notes. A part of our conversation stayed with me into the New Year. She told me how her 6 year old was beginning to ask questions and make statements that she felt were too advanced for her age specifically, about getting behind the wheels of her car.

Why are the zips of all my aso-ebi not going up like they use to? Only when getting dressed in buba and iro do I get that feeling I use to have when getting dressed. Also, I only admitted to myself after my husband made a comment about changes in my wardrobe. I have avoided facing the realities that I have bought more accessories especially Gele and pele over the past 3 years. It has been 3 years since I heard my mother’s voice and seen her smile.

 Group pf women laughing

Recently, some women in my form in boarding school got together. We decided to come together under one umbrella, have meetings and support each other in any way we could. So we created a chat group on WhatsApp, and one on Face book and we are also looking into creating a website for ourselves. Less than a fortnight into the creation of the chat, 105 of the 152 girls had been added to the chat. Looking at the bio data of the 105 we got so far there are 38 clinicians, 26 business owners, 5 lecturers and 2 stay at home mums.

My only resolve this New Year, as I have given up making New Year resolutions 8 years ago was not to work during the weekends. Whether it was bringing work home or spending 3 to 7 hours at the office on Saturday or Sunday, I was not having any of that any more. So when faced with that option that Friday I decided to remain in the office and get the work done. So I called my husband who was also working late, we both agreed to get home at 11 PM and make our children the focus of the weekend. I called the nanny and gave her clear instructions on the course of events for the rest of the day.