8 Essential makeup must haves


1.   Base

A base is a must when applying makeup. You could opt for foundation for a high coverage or BB crème for subtle coverage. After cleansing and moisturising your face, apply your base with your fingers or brush and blend well.

If you are having any trouble picking your perfect shade of foundation, you should read our article on (choosing the right foundation).

2.   Face powder

You need a face powder to set your foundation and also to reduce shine.

3.   Mascara

I once read somewhere that a woman should never step out of the house without mascara and lip gloss. I totally agree!

4.   Tinted lip balm

Nobody likes dry lips, so you need a lip balm to soften chapped lips. Why not kill two birds with one stone by purchasing a tinted lip balm? This way you are moisturising your lips and also adding a little colour.

5.   Basic Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow makeup kit - image via more.com

It is a good idea to invest in a perfect everyday eyeshadow. The ideal shade should be a few shades darker than your skin tone.

Use a soft eye shadow brush to sweep the shade onto your eyelids and blend into and above your crease.

6.   Good brush set

The right brush can perform miracles so invest in a good brush set. Ensure to clean your brushes as often as possible. (How to Keep Makeup Brushes Clean)

7.   Brow filler

The eyebrows (How to draw the perfect eyebrows) frame the face and there is no better way to make them neat other than taming them. The product to get depends on your preference; you could use a pencil, a brow gel or pomade, or a brow powder.

8.   Makeup remover

You definitely need this as you need to clean your makeup off before going to bed.