8 Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Rest

SIeep is essential to survive, but at times due to hectic work or life schedules, we tend to shortchange sleep until the ill effects begin affecting us. We need to be aware of the signs of inadequate sleep so we can know to tackle our sleep issues before they get out of hand.  Here are some signs you are not sleeping well.

Signs You Are Not Getting Enough Rest

Lady sleeping

You are always hungry

If your brain is not getting its needed energy from sleep, it will try to get it from food. Being low on rest can increase the production of the hunger-stimulating hormone; Ghrelin. Increased appetite will, of course, lead to weight gain, so you would probably notice an increase in your weight

You start experiencing micro sleep

Micro sleep is the body’s way of forcing you to get the rest you need. You have probably experienced it a few times; when you doze off without your knowledge.

Your emotions are going haywire

You are vulnerable to crankiness, irritability, mood swings and anger when you are behind in your sleep. You might notice you begin to lose your temper quickly on things that might not have affected you before. You might lash out at loved ones and friends.

You get sick often

Lack of sleep weakens the immune system causing sickness. You might notice having a cold or a headache that doesn’t seem to go.

Your skin is not glowing

As ladies, we need our ‘beauty sleep’. When you do not sleep well, your skin may appear old, and you may experience breakouts. This is because while you sleep your skin repairs damaged cells, so you are not sleeping could disrupt the process.

You become forgetful/absent-minded

You might notice you keep forgetting things like where your keys were kept or errands you need to run. This is probably because a weak person does not pay attention to what is going on around them.

Your libido takes a dive

Not in the mood? Research suggests a lack of sleep could lead to a decreased sex drive. Yes, the ‘I have a headache’ excuse may not be a total lie.

Your productivity is on the decline

Are you noticing a difference in your work productivity? Lack of adequate sleep could make it hard for you to manage projects, work and your time; poor sleep hinders your ability to react quickly. Getting a good night’s sleep is still the best way to improve productivity and overall performance.