Amazing Benefits of Apples

amazing benefits of apples

Apples are known to be full of Vitamins and Minerals probably the reason for the famous saying ‘An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away’.


Health benefits

  1. Apples contain antioxidants like flavonoids polyphenols and Vitamin and they help protect the body against harmful bacteria and viruses
  2. in Apple has anti-cancer and anti-cholesterol properties
  3. Apple contains an antioxidant, Quercetin, which boosts the immune system
  4. aid in fighting off Oxygen-free radicals that cause Diabetes
  5. It helps prevent Alzheimer’s
  6. Apples irritable bowel syndrome
  7. The content in Apple to avert
  8. The in apple fills the stomach and kills hunger pangs eventually leading to weight loss
  9. Apples are rich in dietary thereby aiding digestion
  10. They help prevent the formation of gallstones
  11. Velvet apples have analgesic properties that help relieve bone and muscle pain
  12. Velvet apples contain high amount of Vitamin A which helps improve vision and reduces symptoms of Night blindness in children

Skin benefits

  1. The Apple fruit has the potential to lighten, brighten and soothe the skin
  2. Apple hydrates as well as cleanses the skin
  3. Regular intake of Apples eliminate signs of such as wrinkles and fine lines
  4. Apple provides relief from acne, blemishes, dark spots and sunburns
  5. Apples can also help to reduce dark circles or puffy eyes

Hair benefits

  1. Apple is a known hair growth booster
  2. It helps promote longer and healthier hair
  3. Apple helps prevent hair loss
  4. Scalp problems such as Dandruff can by applying Apple juice on the scalp