Amazing Health Benefits Of Beans

Popularly referred to as “poor man’s meat” or “poor man’s supper”, beans are in no way food for the poor alone. On the contrary, beans should be embraced by all as the super healthy food there are. Beans are not just a natural source of energy but a nutritional powerhouse because of their wonderful nutritional value and health benefits.

Unfortunately, many people try to avoid beans because of its popular flatulence side effect (gas). As a child, beans porridge was on my list of dreaded meals because a spoon of it means heartburn. But now I know better. Flatulence isn’t enough reason to miss out on the brimming benefits of eating beans. Do you know that its gassy side effects can be reduced?

Here are more than enough reasons why you should consume beans:

Health Benefits Of Beans

Beans are low in fat and calories, but high in protein and fibre, and very much loaded with a host of vitamins. Making them a regular part of your diet will help you cut out calories easily without feeling deprived or malnourished. Interestingly, due to its low glycemic index and the complex carbs they contain, beans are digested slowly, thus you stay full for longer. This is another reason beans are effective in keeping blood sugar levels stable – which means you’re less prone to diabetes.

The abundance of fibre, phytonutrients and antioxidants in beans excellently lowers your risk to several cancers. The high quantity of fibre in them also makes them effective for weight control as you fill up easily on just a little portion. And with fibre, be assured that your digestive system is well-regulated and several digestive disorders are kept at bay.

Maintaining cholesterol at healthy levels is another key function of fibre. The folate in beans is quite beneficial in lowering risk of heart diseases as well. Potassium is another notable nutrient in beans – a nutrient known to work for the heart as it guards against stroke by keeping blood pressure at a healthy level. Still wondering why beans are said to be heart healthy?

The abounding Trans fat-free protein in beans makes them good alternatives to meat. Glowing skin, luscious hair and increased muscle mass are some more gains of the protein in beans.  And the B Vitamins contained in beans? Very necessary for nerve cells and healthy brain functions. In addition, beans aren’t lacking in magnesium. As a result, women who consume a high amount of beans regularly experience fewer mood swings and pre-menstrual cramps. Calcium, iron and zinc are some other nutrients in beans.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the list of benefits of beans seems almost endless. Beans are inexpensive, tasty, versatile (can be cooked in so many ways) and above all, outstandingly healthy. Don’t you think you should devour them more often?



To reduce gassy side effects - Leave beans submerged in water overnight/about 2-3 hours before cooking. Change water and bring to boil for about 3 minutes. Rinse with fresh water then cook.