Best Lipsticks for Dark Skin

Lipsticks for dark skin can be very daunting to choose from. I mean you see one that looks great on its own or on a white model but can’t tell how it would look on.

Dark burgundies and deep browns are a safe bet for mahogany-skinned ladies, but for those looking for an extra pop of color, cooler skin tones should switch it up with a bright red or orange, while those with warmer skin tones should give wild orchid a whirl. And though women with dark olive to caramel complexions can pull off a variety of lip shades, browns and nudes can sometimes wash them out, so they should be sure to pick one with a sheer moisturizing shine so it’ll reflect the light off their lips, making them look fuller and poutier.

 Pinks, purples, reds, and nudes—with hundreds of lipstick options out there, guidance from a pro is always appreciated.This is basically me giving you my lipstick wish list.

For Orange(Lipsticks)

Don’t shy away. Neon orange electrifies ebony complexions.

Think MAC Morange.

Mac So Chaud

For Pink

NYX Matte Lipstick Shocking Pink

Mac All Fired Up; I know I say good things about other lipsticks but this was my introduction to Mac and I haven’t turned back after.

Mac Viva Glam Nicki

For Reds

In the Mac range;

Ruby Woo

Lady Danger

New Temptation

Nars Velvet lip pencil

For Purple

Iman Taboo gives an exotic look.

Mac Heroine

Mac Flat Out Fabulous; this is seriously one of my favourite shades ever. I look pretty in it.

For Nudes

Mac Taupe; This lip is my JAM! Seriously, I will wear it again and again. It’s exactly what I was looking for in a nude color. It matches my skin color so well that it makes my lip line vanish. In order to give my lips definition, I apply a brown lip liner first. Then, two layers of the lip color. Then, I finish with another layer of liner to blend. This is also a strategy you can use if the nude lipstick you bought looks ashy once you put it on. 

I am also a fan of Mac Ravishing; It is a nude lipstick though it has some peach undertone. It brightens my face.

The nude revelation of the century House of Tara Adoshe

For Blue

Yes now, last but not the least is Blue for fun fabulous nights and photoshoots.

Try Kaoir