Book Review: On Becoming

There was so much fuss about the book, at first I was not sure if I was interested in reading it. I was just thinking, ‘Okay great she is going to tell us about the fantastic deals she struck to allow her to afford her weaves, designer bags and lifestyle as an On-air Personality’. I thought it would be great to read about her self-promotion skills then I started seeing excerpts on Twitter about how Maje having a child in the past earlier.

I realised that this would be juicy gossip. The excerpts and spoilers kept popping up, and my curiosity was seriously piqued. I considered buying this book off Amazon but thankfully an awesome friend sent the book to me.

On Becoming

The book starts talking about Toke’s childhood and the loss of her parents; it was really sad to read that tragic piece of her history. Although touted as a must tell, I honestly don’t know much about Toke after reading this however I am well acquainted with the flaws of her ex-husband Maje Ayida. I believe the author was fascinated by her much her personal life generated interest and decided to spin that into a money maker. Toke answers all of your curiosities surrounding the wedding saga are in this “Must-tell”, some stereotypes about Unilag girls especially those living in Moremi Hostel are also confirmed. This book confirms though that not all demons are of the Yoruba tribe; the Deltans are apparently in close running.

On Becoming by Toke Makinwa focused solely on her failed marriage and makes you wonder how 32 years on earth, a man is at the core of her life’s story. Toke admits to self-esteem issues and cites her ex-husband’s biracial love interest as one of the main reasons; I am struggling hard to believe that as social media has revealed said woman to us. Whoever published the book did not do so in her best interests.

All in all, this book would satisfy your curiosity and provide you with the gist factor we Nigerians crave, but it would not leave with any profound life lessons if you wish to excel in any area outside of relationships.

I say huge congratulations to Toke Makinwa as she smiles to the bank as a result of our amebo.