Book Review: Smart Money Woman

Friends can really be annoying, I begged for a copy of Arese Ugwu’s The Smart Money Woman for months and no one answered my pleas. I kept asking people travelling here to help me purchase it. In case you are wondering if I am some sort of cheapskate or ‘awoof’ loving individual, I am but that was not the case this time.

You see, I prefer to read hard copy books not e-copies and I could not get one abroad. I was eager to get started on this book. Anyway, I had to settle for the e-book.

After reading through, I found that The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu lived up to its hype. I read some reviews that the book is like an infomercial for some Nigerian brands, I could see that too but I had no qualms with it.

The characters in this book are set in Lagos high society scene. I mean, they dine regularly at RSVP and have exclusive discounts at designer retail outlets. The truth is most young women aspire to the lifestyle without thinking of the funds or the hard work and strategizing that comes with living that life.

smart money woman book

Every year for my new year’s resolution, I talk about buying land and owning assets. This book describes the first place to start especially considering how meagre our pay checks can be compared to our dreams. The major characters in this book represent people almost everyone has in their lives. There is almost a Cinderella story waiting to happen with a rich handsome man appearing in the cast but Arese Ugwu proves to us that every woman can be her own hero.

There are action points and active lessons at the end of each chapter which I can say for certain if put into good use would improve anyone’s financial management skills.

If you have not read the book, go out and get it.