Breakfast Recipe: Spicy Bean Pudding (Moimoi Alata)

Naija styled bean pudding popularly called moimoi is an authentic delectable way to enjoy nutritious protein-packed beans. Loved by all, moimoi is simply irresistible if cooked right. I remember how much I disliked cooked beans as child. But with moimoi overflowing with lots of goodies (orishirishi) in it, my plate gets all cleared.

Usually cooked with varied combination of fillings - fish, shredded meat/chicken, crayfish, corned beef, liver etc (the choice is simply up to you), moimoi is a regular accompaniment to rice at Naija parties. Moimoi is also very much consumed as breakfast served with oats, pap, tapioca or custard - with a topping of nutritious Three Crowns milk. That sure gives it a healthful balance, agree?

In this recipe, the addition of chilli pepper and ginger gives your moimoi some extra zing. Hot is the actual word – just the way I love mine. Now let’s make some spicy moimoi (bean pudding):

Moimoi Ingredients:

• 4 cups beans or 500g Beans flour

• 2 large sized red bell peppers (Tatashe)

• 6 - 8 Scotch Bonnet (Ata rodo)

• 5 pieces red chilli pepper (Shombo) – for extra spice

• 2 fingers fresh ginger, peeled and cubed

• 2 medium-sized onions, peeled and diced

• Eggs in desired quantity – hardboiled and sliced

• 1 cup fresh or dried Shrimps

• 1 kg Gizzard or Liver, diced

• 2 table spoon Grounded Crayfish

• 2 cooking spoons, any healthy cooking oil of choice

• Chicken bouillon cubes and salt for seasoning



Step One:

Peel the beans. You can peel your beans manually by soaking for a while and then rub with your hands to remove skin. Or use a blender. Here’s how – Divide your beans into batches. Pour first batch into your blender, add a bit of water and blend using the Pulse button on your blender (if blender doesn’t have Pulse function, use low speed button for about 5 seconds pause then repeat 7-8 times). When beans are well peeled, pour into a bowl, set aside and repeat process with the remaining batches of beans. If using a blender, don’t leave beans to soak. That makes them too soft and the blender may break them up. Pour peeled beans in bowl and wash thoroughly using a colander to further remove skin residue. That sorted, pour beans back into blender, and add your washed fresh peppers, onions, ginger and some water (be careful with the water so you don’t end up with runny paste). Blend till you have a very smooth thick paste.

Step Two:

Pour bean paste into a bowl, add cooking oil, ground crayfish, chicken bouillon, some warm water (if too thick) and stir gently in one direction. Taste for salt and then mix-in other ingredients – shrimps, diced gizzard/liver and boiled eggs. Stir again for about 5 more minutes till very creamy (the creamier your paste, the fluffier your pudding turns out when cooked). You can now wrap-up your bean paste in local banana leaves (ewe) or pour into tins/plastics/foil packs. Place them in a deep pot with water (be sure not to cover up the wrapped leaves/tins with water) and steam for about 30-40 minutes. If needed, water can be added at intervals into the cooking pot. Check if cooked by dipping a tooth pick into one of the packs, if it comes out dry then your pudding is ready. Leave to cool for some minutes and serve warm. Thinking of more ways to enjoy your bean pudding? Why not try it out as a standalone meal with stir-fried veggies or efo riro as sauce.