Business Ideas For The Naija Home Maker

 Home Maker

Aside the fact that many are being thrown out of their jobs due to the ongoing economic strain in the country, quite a number of women are faced daily with the decision to stay at home to look after their kids. Such situations can be quite traumatic as it means a cut-down of income amongst many other issues. But the truth is – losing a job or taking a break off your regular 9-5 isn’t the end of the world. It simply means it’s time to become your own boss by exploring your business ideas while also enjoying quality time with your family.

Multitasking as a homemaker and earning a living from home requires hard work and dedication but it’s sure possible.

If you are looking for how to earn some pay, here are some 5 business ideas to consider:

  1. Freelance Writing /blogging: Do you love to write? Blogging is becoming quite popular in Nigeria today. More and more organizations are looking for non-permanent staff that can provide them good content, work remotely and get paid for their writings. You can do this perfectly from the comfort of your home.
  2. Online Trading: I was doing some bit of tidying up recently and I discovered I had so much junk in my store – items I saw, liked, bought but never used. I’m probably not the only one guilty of impulsive buying, right?  You know what I did with those items? I took pictures of them, uploaded them onto Facebook and sold them. Thank God for the power of the internet! If you’ve got items you don’t need but are still in good condition, get on your social network account and sell them off. You could also consider using trusted e-commerce sites like Kaymu,, Jumia, Konga etc. Some provide marketplace opportunities; you can actually own a store on them and sell new products right from your home. 
  3. Day Care: Do you have a way with kids? If yes, then providing day care services might just be a possible option for you to make some income. Keeping an eye on your busy friends’ children, your friendly neighbourhoods’ kids, your kids’ friends from school in your house can earn you some good money. Work out a schedule on paper and talk with your friends, you just might be the answer to someone’s prayer for a reliable, trusted after-school child care.
  4. Catering: Are you a foodie? Do you love cooking and making up recipes? Then you can go a step further by doing this for people at a fee. You may not start on a large scale, but there are lots of busy people out there who will be willing to pay for sumptuous home cooking – home made delivered bespoke pots of soups is so trending right now. You can do the cooking at home and go deliver to friends who have baby showers, bridal showers, small indoor birthday parties, retirement parties, etc. 
  5. Crafts and Skills acquisition: Beads making, Makeup Artistry, and Cake Making are great money making skills you can take up. You can showcase your works online and sell them with ease.

There’s no end to the opportunities. These 5 business ideas are just some of the many businesses you can do to earn some decent income easily from the comfort of your home.