Choosing The Right Bridal Accessories

Congratulations! You have finally found your wedding dress of choice. The search is not yet over, however. You still need your accessories which are the finishing touches.Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day, and we have written a guide to help you choose the perfect accessories for your day.

Lady on Bridal Clothing

 Bridal Accessories

1. The VeilThe Veil is an essential bridal accessory. There are several types of veils to choose from, but you should choose a scarf that complements your dress colour and style.  You also have to be mindful of your hairstyle and hair accessories as you will not want one to get in the way of the other. It would probably be best to decision on your hairstyle before going veil shopping.

2. PetticoatA petticoat can make a huge difference to the look of your gown, and it also provides some practical benefits such as keeping the dress fabric away from your legs. There are many styles of petticoat available, and the dress style determines the suitable petticoat.A ball gown or satin made gown will require a petticoat with hoops, while a dress with tight waist and puffy skirt will need and A-line petticoat.

3. ShoesYour shoes have to be super comfortable as you would probably stand for extended periods of time and you want to be discomfited. Consider opting for ankle strapped shoes over slip-ons as they give more support. It is best to go shopping for shoes at the end of the day and to buy your shoes early, so you have enough time to break them in.

4. JewelryThe type of Jewellery is dependent on the colour and style of your gown. For a pure white dress, you could choose silver or platinum jewellery. Some clothing styles might not require a necklace, a high-necked dress, for instance, may just require dangling earrings.