Cocktail Recipe: Fresh Tropical Pineapple Mango Punch

Don’t you just love the Caribbean? There’s something about the cool fresh sea breeze and feel of warm sand in between your toes that makes it almost impossible not to long for a revisit, right? Known for their awesome refreshing cocktails, the tropical Islands remain the best vacation spots. And when not on the Islands, it’s amazing how a sip of a tropical drink such as pineapple mango punch sends you right back there.  

A good thing some of these drinks can be whipped up right in the comfort of your home easily without stress. Don’t you think so? 

Today’s drink recipe is taken from one of the most popular tropical cocktails around the world, but with a fresh twist to it. To add a definite healthy punch to the exotic refreshing delight this cocktail offers, our Tropical Pineapple Mango Punch cocktail will be made from fresh organic fruit juices rather than store bought processed ones. 

Let's prepare our Tropical Pineapple Mango Punch

There’re quite a number of variations of Rum Punch but this particular Mango Pineapple mix sure stands out. A simple mix of pureed mango and pineapple with a dash of rum – a true tropical treat! 


4 medium-sized ripe Mangos, cubed

1 large sized Pineapple, peeled and cubed

10-12cl Rum (Dark or white)

Ice Cubes

Any choice of fruit (optional for garnish)


Pour cubed mango into blender add a bit of water and blend until smooth. Pour mango puree into a sieve and drain out the juice. Set aside. Next, pour cubed pineapples also into blender. Blend as well till smooth, then drain juice to remove shafts using the sieve. Now your fresh fruits extract is ready. 

Finally, combine all ingredients (mango, pineapple juice and rum) in a shaker with ice cubes. Combine thoroughly and serve into glass cups. Garnish with a slice of cherry, strawberry, lime or pineapple. 

Simply divine!