Cocktail Recipe: Homemade Milk Punch

Milk Punch cocktail is a true classic. It originated from New Orleans, United States in the 1700s. This pre-colonial drink is known not just for its soothing goodness but its ability to help cure a hangover. 

Are you having friends over and looking for something extra nice to make their day? Then this simple to mix, gosh of goodness is it!

Popularly known as the “Adult Milkshake”, this cocktail is quite flexible as the ingredients can be swapped to taste.

Let’s look at a Naija version of this milky sweetness.

Milk Punch Ingredients:

60ml alcohol – Brandy / Rum / Bourbon (as preferred)

150ml Three Crown Milk

1 tsp sugar or syrup - optional

5 cubes of ice – crushed

Cinnamon or Nutmeg for garnish – Ground or grated.


This serving makes 1 cup.


  1. Put the alcohol, milk, syrup/sugar and crushed ice cubes into a shaker and shake vigorously for about a minute until content becomes frothy.
  2. Pour content into a glass and garnish with a sprinkle of either ground cinnamon or nutmeg.

Your Milk punch cocktail is ready to drink.