Dealing With Bad Breath

Bad breath can affect anyone at any age, and it can be embarrassing. There are a few ways to deal with bad breath, but first here is a test to know if you have bad breath.

bad breathHow to know if you have bad breath1.    Smelling your saliva methodTo check if you have bad breath; lick the inside of your wrist, wait for a few seconds for the saliva to dry and smell your wrist. If it smells ok, then you don’t have bad breath2.    Smelling your breath methodPut both of your hands together and cup them around your mouth and nose; breathe out through your mouth and try to smell your breath. If it smells bad, you probably have bad breathTip: Don’t take these tests just after brushing or using mouthwash as the results will be inaccurate. Take the tests during your regular daily activities several times in the day for accurate results.How to prevent bad breath1.    Promoting good oral hygienea)    Brush your mouth properly and regularlyYou should brush your mouth at least twice daily; once in the morning and again at night. Don’t just brush your teeth alone; you also have to wash your tongue as well because the tongue could be a breeding ground for bacteria that cause mouth odor.b)    Replace your toothbrush every three monthsToothbrush bristles become less effective over time, and the brush could also accumulate bacteria, so it is best to replace it every three monthsc)    Floss everydayUsing dental floss will help remove food plaque and bacteria stuck between the teeth, which could cause bad breathd)    Rinse your mouth with mouthwashRinsing your mouth with mouthwash would help prevent bad breath2.    Making changes in diet and lifestylea)    Drink lots of water  Dry mouth is one of the causes of bad breath, therefore, drinking lots of water could help prevent bad breath. Try to drink as much water as possible throughout the dayb)    Chew gum or lick minty sweets after your mealIf you have bad breath, it's best to brush your mouth after every meal but if you are not at home; you could Chew a sugarless gum instead. This will also help the mouth produce saliva which reduces dry mouth thereby eliminating bad breathc)    Avoid foods that could cause bad breathSome foods can be a cause of bad breath and its best to avoid them. Examples of such foods are onions and garlicd)    Avoid smoking, coffee, and alcohol intakeIf you have bad breath, its best to eliminate smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee altogether