Eggplant Nutrition And Health Benefits

Eggplant nutrition

Let's talk about a not so popular vegetable today - Eggplants!

These tear-drop shaped, purple glossy vegetables belonging to the nightshade family (tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers), are so unique in taste and texture. Also known as aubergines in areas where they're a lot more popular and of course primarily eaten, eggplants are nutritionally dense and have various health benefits to offer.


Unfortunately, eggplants are not well explored in this part of Africa, and many lose out on the benefits of consuming them. The nutrients found in eggplants not only promote good health but also help prevent and regulate diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes and anaemia. Here's a quick glance of all you've got to enjoy by including eggplants in your regular food plan.


Do you know that eggplants are home to some nutrients not found in other fruits and vegetables? Let's start with the antioxidant Nasunin. Exceptionally abounding within the skins of eggplants, Nasunin has antiangiogenic properties which prevent the growth of new blood vessels that boosts cancerous cells; thereby preventing cancer tumours from growing.


Known to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow; nasunin has positive effects on cell walls. This phytonutrient not only inhibits peroxidation of cholesterol in the blood but helps as well in eliminating the build-up of plaques in blood vessels. Eating eggplants keeps high blood pressure at bay and your heart and cardio system happy and functioning. Obvious, right?


Anyone having issues with excessive iron can be sure to get rid of it naturally by consuming eggplants. You know why? Nasunin (found in Eggplants) as an effective antioxidant is a natural iron chelator.

And still on the antioxidant benefits of eggplants, chlorogenic acid is another dominant antioxidant compound found in this wonder veggie. This acid lowers LDL cholesterol, fights free radicals and work in protecting and preventing cells from mutating into cancerous cells.


Eggplants are also rich in Vitamins B1, B3, B6, C, K, calcium, potassium, various minerals like iron, copper and several other phytonutrients; making them a powerful super-food. Due to the high concentration of bioflavonoids they contain, eggplants are great stress and anxiety relievers and equally effective in treating allergies and viruses.

High in fibre but low in soluble carbs and no saturated fats, eggplants are ideal in controlling blood glucose and insulin levels, thus working efficiently in regulating diabetes. If on a weight management program, you should consider eating more of eggplants. Wondering why? Dietary fibres work amazingly as "bulking agents" in the digestive system. They increase satiety and reduce appetite thereby making you feel fuller for longer and in the overall, lower your calorie intake. That's what eggplant does, and you shouldn't hesitate to make it a major part of a healthy, low-calorie diet.

Other health benefits to gain from ingesting eggplants regularly include improved brain function, efficient digestion and strong, healthy bones.