Enjoying Life As A Single Mum

Either by chance or choice, for different reasons, women become single mothers. Whatever the reasons are, single motherhood status is a tough one especially in an African society like ours. Keeping it all together as a single mother can be one big emotional roller coaster. Besides the pressure, the stigma, the loneliness (need I say more?), taking on dual parental responsibilities isn’t easy but it’s definitely not impossible. 

Do you know that single parenthood can be very fulfilling? No husband/father to share in the day-to-day responsibilities of parenting and decision making? Hey! Life doesn’t have to be hell; there’s so much in this world to be thankful for as a single mum. 

Embrace your life. Raise your head up high and enjoy the ride with your kid(s).

Here’s how:

Do you often feel like a victim of circumstances? Please don’t! Always have a Positive Attitude. Remember, you are still as awesome as you were before you had your child. Don’t wallow in self-pity. Your moods can also affect your child so fill your life with positivity. Wake up every day with a smile!

Be social. Becoming a single mother doesn’t mean the end of the world. Don’t become a recluse. Yes you need to spend time at home with your kid(s). But often spending some time away from home is healthy. Make time to do things that keep you happy, go watch movies or have fun night out with friends. Who knows, you just might meet someone special on such outings.

Love your child unconditionally. No matter the trials and tribulations of single motherhood, don’t make your child feel he/she’s the cause of your single status. Loving unconditionally doesn’t mean “anything goes”. No! Don’t over-indulge your child; maintain a standard of discipline. Be firm but loving with consequences for misbehaviours. 

Spend uninterrupted time together. Create routines of doing things together with your children. House chores, fun outings, indoor games etc. These special moments are necessary for a good sense of togetherness and continuity in your home.  

Trying to get a hold of your finances? Paying the bills alone can be real overwhelming but you can strategically stay afloat. You may need to prioritize your needs and cut down on expenses. Plan ahead. If possible, try to improve on your finances by doing extra businesses (click here *insert link from older posts) to check out our business ideas for a home maker.

You are single but not alone. Blessed with loving family members and trusted friends? Learn to embrace their support. Be willing to accept their emotional and financial help when it’s offered. 

Love and take good care of yourself. Remember you’re all your child’s got so it’s your responsibility to stay fit always. Eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Above all, be smart, confident and realistic. When challenges come knocking, be calm and face them doggedly – there will always be a way out. You are strong and beautiful inside out. Your child’s happiness, smiles and hugs are indications that you are doing a great job and you rock!