Facial Exercise That Fight Wrinkles

As we age, our skin begins to lose it youthfulness. Facial exercises should be done daily to fight wrinkles and all other ageing signs. There are ten groups of muscles that make up the face and scalp, appearing on the forehead, in the cheeks, around the eyes, within the chin, around the lips, and finally in the neck. If the muscles are not exercised and toned, the face will sag and portray an older look. By toning the muscles in it, you can give your face smoother skin, a natural lift, a younger look, and an overall brighter appearance.

Facial Exercises Examples

Facing a mirror, exercise your face for 5 - 10 minutes every day.If you don’t want anyone to find you making silly faces at yourself in the mirror, you may want to lock your door!For the ForeheadFirm up your brow, place your index fingers on your forehead just above your eyelids and pull them down while trying to raise your eyebrows. Repeat these process ten times.For the EyesWithout moving your upper eyelids, attempt to raise your lower ones. This great defence against crow’s feet is easier said than done. Repeat the process ten times.For the CheeksTo do this: Push your lips out as far as possible to form an exaggerated "O" with your mouth, then smile as brightly as you can. After holding this position for 1-second form the "O" shape again and hold that for 1 second. Repeat this ten times.For the LipsSuck on the tip of your index finger up to the first joint as hard as you can then slowly pull it from your mouth. Repeat ten times.

facial exerciseNeck and chinUsing one hand, place the index finger and thumb against the base your neck, looking straight into the mirror. Simultaneously raise your head and gently pull the skin down. Repeat ten times.These facial exercises when consistently done can work wonders over time, though you could do yourself a great big favour by cutting down on the cigarettes and alcohol!