Fashion Trend: Chokers


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I bet you read the title and just thought she is so stale. I promise I am not. This trend is something I looked at earlier with nostalgia and just smiled waiting for it to pass. It brought back memories of secondary school days, going for summer holiday and shopping at Claire’s.

Well the trend has evolved from the simple spiral wire types to velvet to lace to denim to diamond studded chokers, Shout out to Kim Kardashian.

lady with chockers

Image via Instagram

I mean you cannot scroll through your Instagram news feed without seeing a choker in one day.

The best bit? You don’t need to break the bank or even spend money. If you’re strapped for cash then (carefully) tying a raw ribbon around your neck has got to be the cheapest, most instant DIY trend update we’ve ever seen.

Why you should wear the choker (Like you need actual reasons to be fashionable);

  • Transform your Outfit

Any boring old top or dress can become more interesting using a simple choker. Your outfit becomes rock star chic, edgy even classier depending on the style you choose

  •  Dress your upper body

A choker is for a tube or off shoulder style. Aren’t those collar bones and shoulders even more dazzling?

  • It is not just for the youngsters

You can go for diamond chokers. I am not joking. would be simply for the dinner party.

  • They mostly come in a set

I mean who doesn’t love a deal which includes more accessories?

  • Goes well with headgear

Try the shoe string styles (It is called Texas tie) when wearing hats; cowboy hats, etc.

  • Bustier for the neck

Wearing a corset or bustier can be one of the most uncomfortable things. Luckily the corset style chokers do just fine

  • Less is more

What better way to show your style with this simple trend