Five Movies To Watch In November

It is Sunday afternoon, you are home and bored; you do not feel like visiting friends, and you are thinking of a way to relax. Why not go out to the movies? Here is a list of must-watch movies this month. You do not have an excuse now, get dressed and watch one of these.

1. When love happens again
 I am sure most of us watched the prequel “When love happens” well Mo and Tobe are back again. This time Mo has started her Event Planning outfit “MBS Events Consulting”, and she has landed a major account with Diamond Global’s billionaire Demilade Adenuga.

Love Happens

2. Masterminds
 This movie is based on the 1997 Loomi Fargo robbery in North Carolina. David is an armoured truck driver who is lured into the heist of a lifetime by his work crush. He manages to steal $17 million and hands it over to the gang who double cross him. Forced to go on the run, David must dodge the authorities and try to turn the tables on his untrustworthy comrades.

3. Inferno
 Famous symbolist Robert Langdon is back; he wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia and teams up with a doctor, Sienna Brooks. Together they race across Europe to stop a madman from unleashing a virus that could wipe out half of the world’s population.

4. Marauders
 When a bank is hit by a heist all evidence points to the bank owner and his high-powered clients but as a group of FBI agents dig deeper into the case, it becomes apparent that a larger conspiracy is at play.

5. Dinner
 Mike Okafor is invited by his childhood friend Adetunde to have dinner and spend the weekend with him and Lola his fiancée as they plan their upcoming wedding. Mike comes along with his girlfriend Diane. Things get out of hand when they arrive at Tunde’s house, and they begin to find out things about each other’s relationship.