Flush Out Sugar With Smoothies

Flush out sugar

Quick and healthy snack options - that's what smoothies are mostly regarded as. But beyond this, do you know that smoothies are natural reliefs to some health issues? Yes, they are, and today we'll look at how effective they are in lowering blood sugar.

If you are having problems with blood sugar control, it's important to routinely check your levels while also finding ways to increase insulin sensitivity within your system. Exercise is a great way to increase insulin sensitivity as your muscles use up blood sugar for energy.

And then food.

The foods we eat directly affect our blood sugar levels. And while it's important to avoid certain foods if trying to put your sugar level under control, there're certain foods to consume deliberately in achieving a healthy blood sugar level. These foods are loaded with nutrients that not only stabilize blood sugar levels but also protect your heart and further save your vision from the damaging effects of high blood-sugar levels.

Your body breaks carbohydrates down into glucose during digestion, and with the help of insulin, the broken down glucose (sugar) is transferred from your blood into cells and used as energy. But when insulin sensitivity is low, your body can’t effectively transport sugar from blood into cells. This results in high blood sugar and if unchecked, diabetes ensues.

Cinnamon is especially rich in chromium and comes highly recommended due to its proven ability to lower blood sugar quickly.

Next on the list is Fenugreek. With similar anti-diabetic properties to cinnamon, Fenugreek is one of the most valuable spices for the control of blood sugar levels and promotes glucose tolerance. The use of fenugreek has been shown to lower blood glucose levels of Type 2 diabetics by as much as 46%. Wow, right?

Foods high in quercetin, a flavonoid antioxidant have significant reductive effects on blood sugar. Good sources of this natural compound include: apples, dark cherries and berries, cocoa (dark chocolate), leafy greens (spinach, kale), tomatoes, black and green teas, and citrus fruits.

Nuts, especially cashew and almonds are brimming with magnesium, an essential mineral which improves insulin response and lowers blood sugar. Avocados and Bananas are also magnesium-rich.

Beta-glucan, a heart-healthy soluble fiber that slows down digestion to prevent big spikes in blood sugar levels is predominantly present in oatmeal. Consuming oats has also shown to improve insulin sensitivity remarkably.

Vinegar is a known ancient remedy for several ailments and health issues. Vinegar enhances glucose metabolism (an increase in sugar uptake from the blood into cells).

That's it, now you've got a list of several blood sugar reducers. When next you observe a spike in your blood sugar, simply make a combo selection from them and make yourself some sugar flushing smoothies!