Fruits Pregnant Women Should Not Eat

Fruit pregnant woman should eat

You've probably heard that pregnant women should eat fruits because incorporating fruit into your pregnancy diet is a healthy, delicious way to boost your nutrient intake while aiding in the growth and development of your baby. It is even believed that women who eat fruit during their pregnancy are more likely to give birth to smarter children than those who do not.

But there are some fruits pregnant women should stay away from as they are very dangerous to their health.

Fruits Pregnant Women Should Avoid


Peach contains a lot of Fibre. Moreover, it is also rich in protein, sugar, zinc, pectin. Peach is a kind of fruit that has hot features. If pregnant women eat it, they will have the risk of bleeding.

Also, the hair on a peach can affect the throat, and as a result, pregnant women easily have allergies in the form of raspy throats. So, pregnant women should not eat a lot of peaches and should peel before eating to avoid the hair on a peach.

If pregnant women eat this fruit, they will have the risk of bleeding.


Plum is high in carotene, and when it goes into the body, it will convert into vitamin A which is very good for the eyes.

Plums also contain a lot of necessary nutrients for the body such as protein, fat, phosphor, fibre, potassium, etc. that have detoxifying effects.

However, pregnant women shouldn’t eat them because of their hot features. If pregnant women eat a lot, it will cause body heat, and as a result, they can easily break into rashes and spots -which isn’t good for the health of mothers and babies.


Many women like to eat guava because of its delicious taste. However, the hot – cool features of guava depend on the variety.

Some kinds of guava have a lot of water, less sweet, sour and cool; however, if pregnant women eat them without eliminating the peel, they can have “side effects”: constipation.

Some other guavas taste sweet, but they will make your body hot inside if you eat a lot of them.

So when pregnant women choose to buy guava, they should go for guavas that produce less body heat and the best way is not to eat a guava without eliminating the peel.


Custard-apple is scented and has a very sweet taste.

It is reasonably sweet and not too greasy, so women especially like to eat it. However, this sweet taste and rounded figure are what causes body heat.

Therefore, pregnant women need to pay attention not to eat a lot of custard-apple.

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