Goal Setting for 2017

For the past few years, I noticed I was writing the same goals year in year out. I would illustrate my goals in my journal, draw out the activities and things I wanted, for instance, sketching my heap of money. The same things kept showing up; travel, buy land, dream job, become a multi-millionaire, when I didn’t achieve them, I simply scheduled them for the nest year however for the very first time I am closer to achieving my goals. I am going to share the things I learnt that brought me closer to success. I hope they work for you;

goal setting

• Those motivational speakers know what they are saying, writing stuff down helps.
I don’t mean when you write it down it magically gets done, it doesn’t. In the past I would start my year been fired up about my goals then forget and start coasting; meeting each day as it comes then I would stumble across one of my journals and remember the things I wanted to achieve when the year started. Most times I would feel guilty and take a small step

• The difference between a goal and a wish is that a goal has a time frame and a process. You may not be able to achieve that goal in one fell swoop but making certain decisions bring you closer. This year when you set your goals also list possible strategies that would help you achieve them. For my goal of becoming a multi-millionaire, I started one of the side hustles I have been writing about and started saving more

• Our culture preaches hiding our plans or not showing our cards when we are working towards something. The opposite has worked in my favour, I decided I wanted to do more writing and public speaking, I mentioned this to some people, and they contacted me when they heard of such openings. Informing the right people about your plans can open doors of opportunities

• Help others to achieve their goals. Life is hard as it is without having more hindrances, I have found that apart from the joy of helping someone, you get exposed to things you may not have encountered just staying in your lane. Hey, there is no harm in throwing some good karma out there

• Stay Optimistic. I could have said be optimistic, but there are many times life knocks the wind out of your sails, so I encourage you to stay positive

I wish you success in achieving your goals.
*Clears throat* I want to buy land next year, who is selling at a miracle price or giving away?