Going Back to School

Black lady entering class

Sometimes you get ideas or questions in your mind. Are you doing the best you can? Are you taking full use of opportunities around you? Is there more you can do to achieve your goals, earn more or simply live a better life?

I had this picture of myself as a high-flying career woman, and I thought to myself that I should get more qualified.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as great as the decision was, It has been a challenging process. I will now offer little nuggets for those who feel they are too old or too busy to go back to school.

The first step I say;

  • Taking the plunge

Admit all your fears about going back to school. The worry you may not fit in, the fact that employers may not your degree seriously, The fear of reading after so many or so few years, the fear of failing, the fear that you may not learn anything valuable. Analyse your fears. Weigh them. Distinguish which is fact or fiction. Make your decision and get fired up


  • Think about the Money

If you are filthy rich, skip this point. Most people would worry about the money especially if you have your eyes set on degree with this current exchange rate. Let me not get started. If this dream is to you, you must make financial arrangements towards your tuition, living expenses and travel if that . Start a savings plan towards your education. I highly suggest that you keep your eyes open for scholarship opportunities and grants. I know of some running in the country, NDDC, Chevening and some even ‘women focused’ given by . Do your research.


  • Balance

Balance is easy to spell but hard to do. I am proud of you women that make it seem so easy. You still have to balance work (if you are working or schooling part time), relationships, family, Spiritual time, everything


  • Time Management

This becomes even more essential when you take on a degree. You never realise how much time is taken up by mundane things. As dreary as this sounds, I advise creating an itinerary for each week, each day even, a To Do list if you must. This makes you more efficient and helps you see clearly what needs to be done and get a sense of accomplishment when you have crossed it off

  • Support System

Yes, it is good to be but I can’t tell you how much I have benefitted from just having someone to talk to at the end of the day to discuss my triumphs and challenges. Build a network of positive, supportive people around you. Plus you can call on them to delegate some of the work on your To- Do list. I know I do.


Best of luck in your degree.