Gorgeous Hairstyles For Round Faces

Young lady looking above

Weave-on hairstyles are stylish and quite versatile. They are a great option if you’re looking for a refreshing change from natural hairstyles. However, when considering hairstyles, the shape of your face must be regarded if you desire to look your best (who doesn't?).

Your choice of hairstyle can do wonders not just for the shape of your face but also to boost your confidence and sex-appeal. Today, we'll take a quick look at styles that flatter round shaped faces. Round faces are quite different from other face shapes, and often times ladies blessed with this face shape are troubled with thoughts like - Will a bob make my cheeks look wide? Will fringes fit me? Which is better: a side part or middle part?

The secret to a great hairstyle for a round face? Create the illusion of length instead of roundness. With forehead, cheekbones, and jaw line roughly the same width, choosing styles that won't make your face rounder can be somewhat tricky. So here are some hairspirations...

Long hair is gorgeous on round faces because it lengthens the face. If adding layers, be careful not to have layers too short. Try not to have layers above your earlobe, such cuts will add volumes to the sides of your face and make them appear even rounder. Angled outward and not inward, layers should ideally fall at your chin or below, with the end of each layer blending so well together one won't be able to tell there're layers.

I’ve got a round face and centre partings are not my thing so I avoid them. I usually opt for side parts and long side swept bangs covering one side of my face, this works tremendously in making my face thinner. Want to try it? Keep your hair down and in front of your ears to narrow your face.

Considering a bob with bangs? Layered shaggy long bobs offers a bit of edge and are best on full cheeked round faces. Bangs help round faces look oval so make sure the bangs are trimmed to suit your face shape. A fringe no shorter than slightly below the eye-brows is recommended.  And if you've got a larger forehead, long-side swept bangs and a short bob to your chin is the ticket you need to balance your face with an elongated look.

black lady with round faces

Thinking waves? Long wavy weaves works excellently in helping your face appear elongated instead of round. Side swept waves are very flattering for round faces as well, and bouncy curls worn loose and long will also elongate your face.

Desire a sassy short cut for a change? Bearing in mind that not all short cuts fit round shaped faces, sporting a deconstructed pixie with disheveled cropped cut will give your face an oval look. With good asymmetrical lines and volumes on top, you're set to rock your world.