Hairstyles For Different Face Styles

Face types

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Today’s write up is about choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape. Now I am sure sometimes you have passed by someone and thought her hair didn’t fit her. It is probably because she doesn’t know the right style for her face shape. Here is a guide to choosing the right hairstyles.

First, you need to determine your face shape and then read on.

To determine your face shape, take a good look in the mirror noting your chin, cheekbone and forehead sizes.

Oval face

The Oval face shape is sometimes called the epitome of feminine perfection as basically all styles fit this face type. The forehead of this shape is slightly larger than the chin. You could try different styles ranging from curly to straight hair to bangs.

Round shape

This is defined with prominent rounded cheeks with equal width and length of the face.

You will want to choose styles that slim down the face, so avoid curls and instead choose straight styles with medium to long length.

Square shape

The square face shape is masculine with a prominent jaw and square chin. Side bangs, side parts, and long hair are great for this face shape.

Heart shape

This face shape is characterized by a wider forehead and cheekbones and a narrow jaw line and chin. People with this face type should try bob styles (both short and long), wavy curls and soft curls.

You might have noticed I did not make mention of braids, this is because it typically fit all face types.