House Chores For Your Active Toddler

Do you know that as early two-years-old, your little toddler can become quite handy around the house? Yes, she can! But we often overlook the capability of these young ones and sternly refuse them engaging in some chores. I was guilty of this.

My daughter was ever so eager to help. She was excited getting her hands on little tasks around the house, but like many mothers out there, I resisted. Then one day I finally allowed her to join me in cleaning up my room. That day, I realised that helping out not only kept her busy but gave her a feeling of relevance too. She sure felt good with her accomplishment when we were done and was handsomely rewarded.

The earlier your kids start at house chores, the easier it gets for her when she’s much older. Helping out with house chores at a young age promotes an early sense of responsibility and a level of independence. Plus, participating meaningfully around the house is a constructive way to use up their energy. I’m sure you’ll agree!

Chores For Kids

Thinking of what possible chores your kid’s little hands can tackle?

For starters, at ages 2-3, your toddler can assist in picking up and putting dirty clothes in the laundry basket, set mats on the table for dinner and of course, take her toys from the floor and bring Mommy’s bag.

At 4-5years, arranging books and toys neatly may not be so possible, but she sure can pick toys up and place them in boxes or on assigned shelves. Your little one by now can help with some dusting, clean up spills, hand out wet laundry for drying, sort out and fold laundry, put away shoes, carry in grocery bags from the car, help set dinner plates on the table, and even clean up after eating. Though still with your supervision, your older toddler should at this stage be able to do some sweeping around the house, and also handle personal chores like teeth brushing and dressing up.

Interestingly at 5, my daughter is ever so willing to help out whenever I’m in the kitchen cooking. Now I know better; I don't hesitate to accept her help. It undoubtedly comes truly valuable. Mommy’s little helper gets over-excited putting the groceries away and bringing out the jars of spices and seasoning.

chores for kids

As your toddler tackles these small tasks, don't expect perfection. Be quick to cheer and encourage even while the task is ongoing (high five works like magic). Don't also forget to reward good attitude towards assigned duties and first-time obedience.