How To Baby Proof Your Home

As joyous as seeing your little one begin to crawl is, one thing certainly must come to mind – baby-proofing! Crawling is a worthy developmental milestone for babies and now that your child is crawling, ensuring her safety within the house is vital.

Sometimes, we tend to overlook the importance of baby-proofing. Over the years, the act of baby-proofing has often been contested as some mothers see it as small frets. One can never be too careful when it comes to child safety. There's surely more to only watchful eyes.

Home safety measures may seem overwhelming but guided by a checklist, and knowing what to do makes it a lot easy. From crawling to toddling, you're covered with these useful hints in keeping your home safe.

There's never a time too early to start with safety measures. Where to start? Try to take a child's view around the house. What looks inviting but dangerous?

Tiny objects pose potential choking hazards. Don't leave coins, marbles, beads, paper clips, etc. lying around. Don't leave them on low tables, in drawers or cupboards where your child can reach them.

Carefully lock away cleaning agents or any poisonous liquid. Keep them well out of reach especially away from flat cabinets.

Do you know that children are excellent imitators? They love imitating adults. Bearing this in mind, try not to take medicine while your child is present. Store all medicines in a childproof container, well locked in a high cabinet. Never take medicine out of its original childproof container. And when trashing, ensure they are adequately disposed of.

Window blinds and drapes? Keep them well tied up, high and away from reach to avoid strangulation.

Never leave your kid unattended to in the bathroom. And for toilet safety, install a toilet lock so your child's little fingers don't get wandering into it. Doing this will prevent accidental drowning and unsanitary exposure. To forestall slipping on bathroom tiles, use non-slip mats.

Sockets can be real fascinating and irresistible to kids. To avoid electrical hazards, use child-proof outlet covers for outlets within your home. Got long cords around the house? Use cable holders to keep them fastened against walls. Trunking is also advised to keep your little one's eyes away from electrical wires.

baby gates

Baby gates and pens come in handy when thinking of how to secure your child in a safe arena especially when cooking, working or if you don't want her/him tumbling down the stairs.

Always keep sharp objects locked up after use. And while cooking in the kitchen, use the back burners so your child can't reach the hot pot. Always keep trashcans covered.

As babies learn to climb and walk, they try to pull themselves up by grabbing on furniture. Ensure to keep shelves, drawers, appliances well fastened. Screw shelves to the wall where possible so they don't tumble on your little crawler.

Guards and child-locks should be installed on doors and windows to keep your child from opening them. Keep furniture away from windows to prevent easy climbing.

Got lots of breakable decors in your living-room area? Now is the best time to move them out of reach!