How To Fall Asleep Fast

I have a friend who falls asleep at the drop of a hat; 1 minute we are gisting, and the next minute she is off. It always amazes me and sometimes I envy her especially those nights I keep tossing and turning trying to sleep.Lack of sleep takes a toll on our health, our mood, even our job performance; so there is a need to learn how to fall asleep fast without medication.

Here are a few tips to fall asleep fast.

Lady sleeping

1.Create a sleep schedule and stick to itSet a bedtime schedule. Try to going to bed and waking up at the same time every day as it helps your body to know when it should be tired. This might be a difficult task but maintaining a regular sleep time will be beneficial in the long run.

2.Take a bathTaking a warm shower will help you relax and help your body temperature fall faster, making you sleepy. It is best to take a bath about 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

3.Work on your bedroomKeeping your room dark and quiet could help. Close the blinds and switch off the lights, even a small amount of light can interfere with sleep hormones and stimulate the brain. Also remove all electronics (Television, Laptop, Smartphone, etc.) in your room, they will keep you awake.

4.Drink a soothing beverageDrinking herbal tea or a glass of warm milk could relax your body and mind helping you to wind down but stay away from Caffeine or Alcohol as they would keep you awake.

5.Get comfortableYou need a comfortable position to sleep fast. Your bed has to be comfortable and supportive as well as your pillow. Also, wear comfortable nightwear to bed; cotton works best.

6.ExerciseExercising during the day could help you relax at night time but don’t exercise within 3 hours before bedtime.Finally, try to relax and forget the day and your plans for the next day.