How To Keep The Fire In Your Relationship

A serious relationship isn’t defined by the amount of time you two have been together, it is defined by the amount of energy you continue to invest in getting to know each other after the honeymoon period is over. 

Relationships don’t come with a check engine light, so don’t wait until it stops working to finally address problems.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

You start planning for the future, money for rent, money for school fees etc. The era of dates has come to an end. We all know how the economy is these days but special treats, dates are things you should plan for as well. Turn up together, fine dine together, vacation together, that’s how you keep creating memories and bonds.

Please do away with the unsightly night gowns, hair nets and house clothes that can turn a brother off.

The Bedroom

They say a man cannot eat rice everyday. Please be his pasta, his ravioli, his eba, his lasagna. You get the point. The newness and excitement can fade a little but always be open minded about trying something different. Keep things fresh, be spontaneous and most importantly be open about what turns you on.

There is such a thing as over expression

Just to assure you, you will not die if you don’t express every thought that pops up in your mind especially the negative. You can vent or move towards a solution depending on which is most important.

Resist the urge to be your partner’s mother

The day my father slipped and fell in the bathroom was an eye opener for all of us (perhaps for different reasons). The poor man heard his wife’s voice and ran to the bathroom to quickly clean it up and spread the towel properly. Gbam! Was the sound we heard. He was simply trying to avoid a lecture that would have happened if she saw the bathroom.  The hot secretary at work isn’t telling him how to chew his food properly or shut the doors without making too much noise. Correct with love, Avoid being a nag.

Look from his point of view

Talk in order to understand each other not to convince someone to see from your point of view.

Be Creative

No one knows your man better than you. We find happiness when we create happiness for others. Always be your man’s source of joy. Little special treats like coming home after a long day to meet his favourite meal or a chilled drink during his football match.

Share with us how you have keep the fire burning in your relationship.