How to Know When Your Menstrual Cycle Is Abnormal

A dark lady going through abnormal menstrual cycle

At one time or another, every woman suspects that her menstrual cycle is abnormal for one reason or another.

However, what we often think is an abnormal period is actually regular menstruation.

It is vital to know when you are having an irregular period because an abnormal menstrual cycle can be a symptom of a health issue that needs attention, including pregnancy, uterine cancer, and uterine fibroid tumors.

Now, how do you know when you're experiencing abnormal periods?

Signs and Symptoms of an Abnormal Period

Menstrual pain

You are likely to be experiencing an unusual period, abnormal uterine bleeding, or an irregular menstrual cycle if:

  • The time between your menstrual cycles is longer than 21 to 35 days,
  • You need to change your tampons or sanitary pads after only one or two hours,
  • Your period goes beyond days,
  • You suddenly begin to experience severe menstrual cramps
  • You are younger than 11 or postmenopausal or and you have any amount of vaginal or uterine bleeding.

Other Symptoms of Abnormal Menstrual Cycle

While a small amount of cramping during your period is normal, it's not normal to experience severe menstrual cramps.

If you suddenly start to experience severe cramps, you should see your health care provider to determine the cause of the increased pain you experience during your period.

Some young women experience more intense cramping during the first few years after their first period.