How To Look Younger Without Breaking The Bank

Looking years younger than your age no longer means a visit to the plastic surgeon. Cosmetic surgery may have its place, but there are cheap and effective things you can start doing today that will make you look years younger in a relatively short period.

What To Do To Look Younger


exercise to look Younger

Exercise is one of the most important ways to more youthful looks. Both facial and general exercise help to circulate more nutrients and oxygen to your skin to make you look more radiant. Exercise kick-starts the collagen production process of building younger skin which slows down as you age.

Exercise also improves your posture making you look and feel younger along with making you more confident.

More training also means less grey hairs as it helps to reduce stress and helps you sleep better which means less dark circles and puffy eyes

Protein and Fatty Acid

A diet rich in protein and essential fatty acids, both found in salmon and other oily fish, eggs, nuts and seeds is a skin-friendly diet.  If you’re not trying to lose weight, stay away from low-fat diets, they are enemies for skin and can give you a drawn, sagging complexion by starving the skin of essential fats and amino acids (only in protein-based foods). The skin needs to look plump from the inside out.

Facial Massage

lady doing Facial Massage to look younger

One of the most efficient ways to a more radiant, glowing skin tone is facial massage. A good facial massage helps stimulates the skin, along with the complex network of blood vessels, muscles and lymph drainage points underneath the surface to restore skin to vibrancy. Facial massage is best done at night when most of us have a little more time.  You can simply use your facial cleanser as a lubricant for the massage.  But if you have dry skin, rub it with a few drops of a skin-nourishing oil such as rosehip before applying your night cream.

Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Vitamins C and A means no acne, scars, wrinkles and softer skin.

Drink at least 2litres of water daily; it keeps the skin hydrated.

Body Oils and Body Butters

These work well to moisturise the skin, fade scars, prevent wrinkles and stretch marks, moisturise the lips, treat puffy eyes, and give elasticity to the skin. You should try either Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Mango butter or Avocado butter.

Body oils such as coconut, avocado, carrot, rosehip, almond, sweet almond, lemon, tea tree, papaya, lime, orange, argan, sea buckthorn oil and olive oil also help to improve the appearance of the skin. Massage a light quantity of any of these oils on your skin. Oils and butters are best used in the evening. Citrus oils (Lemon, Orange and Lime) should be mixed with coconut oil or any body butter.

Get Enough Sleep

Try as much as possible to add sleep to your beauty regimen. It is the tried and tested way to maintain youthful skin for many years to come.