How To Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Our hands go through many activities during the day, makeup application, cleaning the house, typing on keyboards, washing dishes, and so on, and poor manicures do not stand a chance.

Fortunately for us, there are some known tricks to making your nail polish last longer — besides just applying a top coat every two days.

Tips to make your nail polish last longer

Polish Nail

Keep shorter nails

When your nails are long, the tips are more exposed, and you take advantage of them by peeling off stickers, putting keys on the main rings thereby putting them in harm’s way.

Short nails are shorter than the tip of your finger; this means your finger, not the polish, will take the brunt of any activity that could create chips.

Wear the best top coat

Everyone has their favourite, but wear a top coat which consistently keeps our polish chip-free for at least a week.

If you only do one thing to make your manicure last, it is got to be using a good top coat.

Use gloves

Doing your chores, especially washing dishes without gloves will completely destroy your manicure.

The water and soap can dry out the manicure, making it less shiny and likely to chip.

Wear a sturdy pair of rubber gloves.

Wear thinner strokes

It is true that it can be tempting to pack on the polish, but too-thick nail polish can tend to peel off, shortening the life span of your manicure.

Go for thinner strokes, getting just enough polish on the brush, so you do not overload your nails.

Seal the edge

If you are applying a top coat without sealing the edge of your nail, that is exactly what you are doing wrong.

The tip of your nails take the brunt of the polish beating, so be sure you are protecting it with a good cover of clear polish.

Quit soaking your nails

Soaking your nails in water at the nail salon (or at home) will cause your nails to absorb water, expanding their natural shape.

By the time your nails are polished, the water evaporates and your nails contract, which causes the polish to chip and crack.

So if you have given up polishing your nails because it does not last long, try these helpful tips that are proven to be effective.