How to prevent Oily skin

Black lady with oily skin

Oily skin can clog pores and lead to acne problems, but don’t worry; here are a few easy ways to prevent oily skin

1. Wash your Face

Wash your face twice a day with a gentle facial cleanser. Using a basic face cleanser is the best way to avoid oily skin.

When washing your face, use lukewarm water as hot water may dry out or irritate your face. You should also stay away from harsh soaps or cleansers.

Oily Skin

Also, ensure you wash your makeup off completely before going to bed at night as makeup will clog your pores if not completely removed.

2. Use oil-free and Moisturisers and Sunscreen

Oily skin still needs to be moisturised, and it also has to be protected from Ultraviolet radiation, but avoid using oil-based products. Before you buy any facial or skin care products, check the ingredients and ensure they are not oil-based.

3. Eat Healthy

Foods rich in antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids will help improve the appearance and texture of your skin. Reduce (Avoid, if possible) the intake of sugar and fried foods as they cause oily skin.

Foods rich in anti-oxidants include beans, apples, whole grains and peppers while Omega-3 fatty acids foods include salmon and tuna, you might also consider taking fish oil supplements.

Ensure you eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

4. Drink plenty of Water

Water is life; you should drink at least 8 glasses of Water daily. Hydration is key to maintaining healthy skin.

5. Exercise

Physical activity provides a range of benefits including preventing oil. Regular exercise will help keep your skin healthy and smooth.

Ensure you take a shower after your exercise to wash away the sweat and bacteria.

6.Sleep well

Lack of sleep interrupts your body’s ability to maintain healthy skin. You need 7-9 hours’ sleep every night.