How to Restore Old Weaves

I know how many times I have thought of vamping my old weave but out of laziness just drop it off at a salon or buy a new one. Well, times are changing especially now when saving money is very important.

If you live in the tropics like we do, it is inevitable that your weave no matter how expensive would not need some sprucing after a while. You know when it is new it is soft and silky, you can run your fingers through it easily. As it gets older, it becomes harder to comb. It becomes fuzzier than it used to and the ends become tangled. This happens because of sweat and humidity acting on it.

lady with old weaves

First thing;

1. Detangle

You do not just put it in water immediately. It would make the weave more difficult to comb and cause a lot of shedding. So comb first from bottom up

2. Depending on the severity of the situation, you may need help with the combing. Something to soften the hair, try a conditioner. You would be able to comb easier

3. Get rid of the build up

Of depending on how long you have had your weave in, you would have applied all sorts of hair products to it. make the weave greasy and less bouncy.

You have two secret weapons; Use bleach or a gentler method with apple cider vinegar

For the bleach; use one part of bleach with two parts of hot water. Immerse the hair in the solution for two minutes and comb out

For the apple cider vinegar; soak hair for about 20 minutes in a solution of apple cider vinegar and water

4. Shampoo

Wash out with shampoo and condition. Remember this is not laundry, so no excessive scrubbing

5. Rinse out and air dry

That’s the final stage. Avoid direct so you don’t mess up your good work


Viola !