How to Revive Your Old Weave

Is your favourite weave tangled? Matted and unrecognisable?

Don't worry; there’s hope!

Here’s how to bring your weave back to life and prep it for your next install, extending the lifetime of your weave while saving you money. (Hair-Weave Maintenance 101)

revive old weave

How to Bring Your Weave Back To Life

First, you should detangle. Just like your natural hair, you don’t want to throw water on it and start combing and ripping it to shreds.

Depending on how bad your weave is, you can also put some conditioner on the hair to provide some slip. You can make use of Extra Virgin Olive Oil diluted with water.

When detangling, start from the bottom up, so you don’t rip out any strands from the weft.

Once you detangle the weave, soak it for about 20 minutes in Apple Cider Vinegar diluted with water. The vinegar works as a cleaning agent to get rid of the buildup on the hair and clean the wefts.

Next, wash the weave. First, rinse out the ACV mixture from your hair. Remember, your hair is not laundry, so you want to make sure you rinse from top to bottom and not scrubbing which will cause even more tangling.

Get a gentle clarifying shampoo to finish removing the buildup of product on the hair.

You’ll probably start seeing some brown as you lather and rinse. What you observe is normal and a good thing. It means the build up is washing off.

After this, do another shampoo. But this time, use shampoo with Silicon Mix. Silicon Mix is the defibrillator for a weave on life support. Do a good shampoo wash/soak with this and rinse. You will see your hair come back to her old beautiful self.

After the shampooing, let’s condition. Apply your conditioner of choice and let it stay on your hair for about 20-30 minutes.  Place the conditioned hair into a plastic zip lock bag and let it sit. If you want, you can apply heat if you would like to as well.

Once your hair is conditioned, rinse it thoroughly and let air dry. Your hair will be soft and manageable and ready for styling or your next install.