In Case You Missed It: Skinny Girl In Transit

After watching Season four episode six last night, I realised I had not told you guys about this series. A friend of mine introduced me to Skinny Girl in Transit a few months ago and I became addicted. At first, I was telling her I had no data to be watching series online but she confided in me she watches during downtime at the office. If you know any lady that concentrates so hard on her screen at lunch times and smiles from time to time, I implore you to investigate.

The series is about Tiwa who is trying to lose weight like many of us. She is getting close to thirty at the start of the series with no serious relationship prospect living at home with her parents and her beautiful slim sister. Tiwa is a regular, down-to-earth girl like most of us are which makes her lovable to many of us who watch. She has a job as a radio show talk host. Ngozi Nwosu who plays her mother, in my opinion, is the most valuable player in this show. She is so relatable and plays the stereotypical Yoruba mother to a perfect T. Her beautiful sister is played by newcomer Sharon Ooja.

The cinematography and screenplay are exceptional yet there is nothing of the usual fake accents associated with quality work here in Nigeria. I love it. As the series progresses, hot male characters are introduced playing Tiwa’s love interests. All the guys who have been on the show till date have been swoon-worthy. You will laugh with this lovable family, share some of their struggles and pain. This is a modern day Nigerian story very well told. You can watch Skinny Girl in Transit on Ndani Tv or on YouTube.

Thank me later.