Lavish Kitchen Decor

I am not really a fan of the kitchen. There, I said it.

It is definitely not an issue of feminism. I enjoy cooking on rare occasions, and there are times when I wish I was more confident in the kitchen and had a variety of recipes up my sleeve. My mother traced my disinterest in domestic affairs to when she had a very tiny kitchen and would always chase me out. She believes I got used to not being in the kitchen and did not learn the vital things at a formidable age.

What I learnt from this is to make your personal space as comfortable as possible so that you and your kids can enjoy being there.

When looking for kitchen decorating ideas, take into consideration what inspires you. Given the fact that this room is the heart of your home, walking into it should evoke joy and energy.

There are so many styles you can use when decorating:

Kitchen Decor


Black and white colour patterns are simple yet elegant, whereas usage of colours like yellow and turquoise make for a bright and cheery atmosphere.


Novelty signs and marquee letters liven up any room. You can create a theme with these signs on placemats and tabletop decorations for subtle variety and personality.


The living room is not the only area allowed to have pictures. Decorate your kitchen with family pictures and even include quirky paintings.


Consider adding a chalkboard to jot down notes, events, grocery lists or recipes, as well as a big calendar that the family can all contribute towards.


Adding a lush arrangement or herb garden to the windowsill livens up the space (literally) and can balance out designs that may feel too heavy in one element or another.

Picking interesting materials is key for helping your design stand out. When it comes to counters, granite and marble countertops are elegant options, while concrete, limestone and stainless steel counters are a little more in vogue. For a bit of colour, add a bright mosaic tile backsplash or pick out a vibrant floor finish. Frosted cabinets are great for a more modern element, while painted cabinets make for a nice but inexpensive touch.

These kitchens would definitely inspire you:

Lavish kitchen decor

Kourtney Kardashian’s kitchen, my personal favourite.

It is hard to miss that I am a big fan of Chevron patterns.

Lavish kitchen decor

This kitchen stool is the cutest. You can get your local carpenter or artist to sculpt something for you different from the norm.

Lavish kitchen decor

High cabinets are especially useful when you have little space.

Lavish kitchen decor


Lavish kitchen decor

Scout unique pieces from your local market. Don’t pick out regular cutlery, trays and all that.

This wine rack is so cute.

wine rack


Lavish kitchen decor

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