Look Fabulous Without Make-Up

In today’s sophisticated world of fashion, not wearing make-up feels almost like a crime. Make-up does a lot of wonders to a woman’s appearance and most times, we tend to feel vulnerable without it. Most women can’t even survive without makeup. But then we all have days when abit of a rush, we simply just don’t feel up to the task of going through the usual morning beauty routine of making up (I’ve been there too!). 

Does this make you less a diva? I don’t think so.

Looking beautiful doesn’t always have to revolve around getting your facebeat. Making up can be fun and can boost a lady’s confidence but it doesn’t have to be obligatory. You can be as stunning as you wish without make-up. 

Something I tell myself – “...beauty is from within. With or without makeup, I’m fabulous and I’m me!” Psyching myself? Well, it’s very necessary and it works! If you don’t feel happy and beautiful from inside, the entire cosmetic in the world can’t do that for you. Believe in yourself not in the makeup. Feel good about your natural looks, be confidence and accept who you are. You’ll be surprised how attractive you’ll become. 

Let’s discuss some more ways to dazzle without make-up:

#1. Good skincare: Cleansing regularly with a good moisturizer can make your skin glowing, soft and fresh. Believe it or not, a healthy and glowing skin is one easy way to feel fabulous without makeup. Simply use water at least twice daily in washing your face.

#2. Exfoliate regularly: Dead cells block your skin pores and often make your face look dull. But with regular use of skin scrubs, you get to make your skin come alive by getting rid of the lifeless dry cells. As for your lips, use your brush gently on them when brushing to remove dead cells too.

#3. Healthy Nutrition and Sleep: The food you eat isn’t just for the functioning of your internal organs alone. Your skin benefits majorly when you consume the right nutrients. The unique properties in Vitamin E for instance work in reducing wrinkles and help your skin retain that youthful look. Do you know that when you sleep, you skin makes new collagen? Don’t rob your skin its glow by not sleeping well. Look good always by avoiding puffy eyes and unnecessary wrinkles with good sleep.

#4. Keep your hands off your face. Do you know that rubbing your forehead can cause wrinkles? Popping a pimple or picking your face can also hurt the delicate skin on your face each time you do any of these seemingly little things. 

#5. What are your most attractive natural features? Enhance them. You’ve got lashes that need combing and eyebrows that need plucking? Do you know you can make your lashes look fuller and longer by combing through with Vaseline? Try it! 

#6. Maintaining good hygiene is another factor you should consider. Stay neat and well groomed. Keep your hair clean and your teeth sparkling; these small details are essential if you want to be stunning always. 

#7. Smile: There’s no limiting the wonders of a true smile. Learn to smile from within; let your smile reach your eyes. Smile at people, you will be so surprised at how attracting that smile of yours is. 

#8. And lastly, drink lots and lots of water! Water keeps your skin flexible, hydrated and glowing. With a glowing skin, you need not bother when you can’t makeup – you are a natural stunner!